Welcome to Our New Blog, Your Portal for News About the Chapter and Our Industry

By | February 22, 2017

As your Chapter President, I’m thrilled to welcome you to the brand new ISPE Boston Area Chapter BLOG. The BLOG will be the principal portal for news and information of interest to Members of the Chapter and all Pharmaceutical Professionals in Greater New England. Please bear with us as we strive to grow the BLOG to become a rich resource for you and your colleagues. Our goal is to deliver weekly updates about the Chapter, our industry and the technologies we use, and link you to external resources that will help you and your companies thrive.

The hallmark of the first 25 years of our Chapter has been innovation. Formed at the dawn of biotechnology, the Chapter has continued to evolve along with that industry. This is no surprise – it is many of the same motivated individuals driving both, always seeking true improvements for the task at hand.

In that spirit, the Board of Directors launched an initiative in 2016 to study the ways we communicate with and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth to our members and the professional community. Working with marketing/communications professionals we are developing sweeping changes to meet the new challenges presented by busier, more focused, on-demand end users. First up? This BLOG!

With the advent of the BLOG, our bi-monthly newsletter is being retired. Why? Because the newsletter could not keep up with our continuously evolving offerings: educational and social events, the Product Show, industry news, and programs for young professionals and students, nor the rapid pace of developments in our industry.

With the BLOG, you have a searchable way to access what you need to know from your desktop or mobile device at any time. And to get the maximum benefit from the continuous flow of information, I invite you to subscribe. Don’t worry – we know you suffer daily update salvos from many sources – so we’ll send only one, each Friday, to alert you to what’s new.

We are throwing open the doors to this new platform, too. Every member should feel invited to contribute to our BLOG. If you have valuable news or information you would like to share with your peers, take a look at our guidelines and follow the simple instructions. It’s that easy! Plus, you can help expand the Chapter’s reach and share its message by sharing BLOG posts with your colleagues.

ISPE was founded as an engineering society but has grown to be an asset and trusted resource to the huge spectrum of professionals it takes to support the development and delivery of the most innovative and highest quality therapies patients need. Whether owner or supplier, engineer, scientist, or one of a hundred other specialties, our Chapter connects you with information and people that help you do your job better and improve your career. This BLOG will be a focal point for these efforts and since our Chapter is a non-profit, all-volunteer enterprise we offer sponsorship opportunities so all our readers will know your company supports the Boston Area Chapter’s mission to share pharmaceutical knowledge for the benefit of all.

Thank you!
With Kind Regards,

John Spohn, CPIP
ISPE Boston Area Chapter