Even an Eclipse Couldn’t Eclipse the Annual Golf Outing!

By | August 29, 2017

It was a perfect day at Kernwood Country Club in Salem: the sun was shining, the tide was high for beautiful ocean views and the course was in spectacular shape.  The camaraderie was at an epic level and the beer was effervescently flowing, almost like it was coming up from the fairways and tee boxes just to say “Hi.” When suddenly, just at that time, boom, it all went dark! The eclipse didn’t last long and no one looked up but we all knew it was happening. There was a slightly eerie feeling for a couple of minutes and a few people even said they felt dizzy (but we’ll never know if that was caused by the eclipse or the effervescence)!  Everything wrapped up great with a fantastic dinner, kudos for the winners and cries of “See you next year!”


Closest to the Pin: Mike LeClair
Longest Drive:  Herbie Aikens
Straightest Drive:  John Viscariello


Closest to the Pin: Sandra Beringer
Longest Drive:  Kathy Marini
Straightest Drive:  Sylvia Beauliau

First place:  Jim Grunwald, Dan Paquette, Herbie Aikens, Mike Severino
Second place:  Glenn DeNoble, Ben Hoffman, Candy Martin, Wayne Arruda
Third place:  Sherwood Butler, Leo Bedard, Joe Devlin, Rich Trabucco

The Chapter would like to thank all who participated – and give a special shout-out to those who volunteered their effort to help make this event another huge success. And lastly we would like to thank our many sponsors: where would we be without your dedication and continued support!?

Albireo Energy
AHA Engineers
A/Z Corporation
Azzur Group
BOND Brothers
Boston Analytical
Bowdoin Construction
Commodore Builders
Cotter Brothers
Erland Construction
Hyde Engineering + Consulting
M+W Group
PIDC Construction
RW. Sullivan
Superior Controls
Wise Construction
If you’d like to get together with fellow Chapter members before next year’s Golf Outing, plan to attend any one (or all!) of our upcoming social events. The next one will take place on Thursday, October 26 at Clerys in Boston with a Halloween theme. Hope to see you there!Until next year, eclipse you later!