Utilities not Included! Yes, it’s a play on words to introduce the topic of this educational program arranged by the Boston Area Chapter Young Professionals

By | October 5, 2017

Two of the most important utilities that tend to be taken for granted in facilities are the air handling system and the high purity water system.  Come spend an evening with two industry experts who will help you understand the jargon, technologies, considerations, and limitations associated with purifying and controlling the air and water used in life science facilities.

Clean air and clean water are fundamentally important to everything we do in the life sciences industry.  And these utilities are usually taken for granted.

Walk into a room and the expectation is that the temperature will be within a certain range that is comfortable.  But walk into a cleanroom and things change.  Why do we have to gown up? The air in a cleanroom may feel cooler and there is more air movement.  Often, it’s hard opening doors to enter a cleanroom.  There are good reasons for all of this and if you want to learn the fundamentals, attend this introductory session to learn about terminology, designs, and other important considerations for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Similarly, grab a glass of water from the sink and you don’t think about its quality (well, maybe you do these days!).  Legally, if it comes out of a sink tap, it has to be drinkable (potable).  But, try to use this water for growing cells, cleaning vessels, or any one of the hundreds of other uses of pure water in the life sciences industry and the water may not be clean enough.  Your lab may have its own water treatment system, manufacturing may have a different one, and so on.  What’s all the fuss about, anyway?  What’s in the water that can mess up the things we’re trying to do?  Come to this program to learn the answers to what is in water that has to be removed to make it suitable for use.  Some materials are OK but others are not – learn why.  Also, the entire industry is focused on keeping pharmaceutical grade water as free from bacteria as possible.  As a bonus, we’ll show you a few simple but effective secrets used in other industries that can help control bacteria in your pure water system.

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