YP Meet-ups Come to Providence

By | January 18, 2018

Last week, the YP’s extended their meet-up reach beyond the Boston area to include members in Providence. A small group of members met at the Providence Rink for an evening of ice skating with a surprisingly good pump-up playlist. It was not a surprise that everyone who came out for a night in the brisk January weather was a big fan of winter sports. There were plenty of skiing, snowboarding and ice skating stories to go around and the rink right in the city center was a perfect place to host an active event. If there’s enough interest, we can keep it going and check out more locations in Providence or other non-Boston locations! If you have an idea for an activity or location for a meet-up, let the Young Professionals Committee know at yp@ispeboston.org.

For another chance to show off your skills, don’t forget to register for our upcoming candlepin bowling event at Flatbread’s in Somerville! Or you can just show up to drink good beer, eat good pizza and hang out with some excellent people from the industry. Last year we had a fantastic turnout for this event, and we expect the same this year. See you there!

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