Student Development Committee Seeks Committee Chair/Co-Chair

By | January 22, 2018

The ISPE Boston Area Chapter plays a leading role in paving the way for the newest wave of technical, scientific and engineering candidates entering the life sciences industry. The Student Development Committee is looking for individuals interested in this process to lead the efforts as committee chair or co-chair. The Student Development Committee works directly with local colleges, community colleges and universities to introduce students to ISPE while they are in undergraduate, graduate, or Ph.D. programs. Led by the Chair/Co-Chairs, committee members implement and improve existing programs and develop new programs that provide unmatched value and benefit to students in their development as future professionals. This is achieved by building and fostering long term relationships with faculty, career centers, and other staff at local universities.

Position Requirements:
Lead the Student Development Committee by:

  • Coordinating and overseeing periodic committee meetings and events
  • Assigning responsibilities for committee activities (See list below.)
  • Making periodic visits to college campuses
  • Organizing an annual strategic planning meeting to involve faculty, student officers, ISPE campus liaisons, and Board participation
  • Preparing monthly reports to the chapter’s Board of Directors

Key Committee Activities:

  • Organizing recruiting efforts on campus to assist new and existing student chapters
  • Determining additional campuses where student chapters would be beneficial and initiating activities to build interest
  • Participating in on campus Career Fairs
  • Providing training to new student officers
  • Working with student chapter officers on events like plant tours, panel discussions, and on campus recruiting meetings
  • Building a budget for each student chapter and event organized by the committee
  • Planning the annual Poster Competition
  • Planning the annual Career Workshop

The ideal candidate(s) will possess:

  • Strong people and communication skills to recruit and encourage collaboration between volunteers, student groups, faculty, career center staff and others
  • Good writing skills to produce flyers and other promotional materials to promote activities coordinated by the committee
  • Good sales and public speaking skills to effectively communicate the committee’s value proposition to prospective student members, faculty, and career center staff.
  • Strong organizational skills to oversee all the committee’s activities throughout the year and keep activities on track

If you are interested in this position and either possess or want to develop these skills, submit your qualifications and interests to: Guidance during a transition period can be provided by the current outgoing Chair, Brian Hagopian.

One thought on “Student Development Committee Seeks Committee Chair/Co-Chair

  1. howard sneider

    For those of you who know Brian, his passion and energy for everything that he does is seemingly unbounded. The work he has done for the Student Development at ISPE Boston is unmistakable and probably inimitable (without a small army). Fortunately, we’re not looking for someone to fill Brian’s shoes, we’re looking for someone to metaphorically continue to walk in his direction. So, if you have an interest in working with student development, please contact the office to learn more about how you can help!


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