Looking for a Win-Win? Volunteer for ISPE!

By | January 24, 2018

Ask any volunteer why they devote their time and effort to the Chapter and you’re likely to hear, “It’s a win-win.  I get to contribute to the Chapter while getting tons in return.” Learn new skills, meet new friends, make new contacts – these are just some of ways volunteering is a win for Chapter members.

On the flip side, the Chapter could not “win” without its team of volunteers. Currently over 150 Chapter members actively contribute their time, effort and expertise on behalf of the Chapter. From simple tasks like writing a blog post to complex projects like organizing an educational program, volunteering offers many options. But every contribution – no matter how small – helps the Chapter achieve its ongoing success. We simply could not succeed without our volunteers! If you’re one of them, we thank you!

And if you’re not, we invite you to have a look at the list of volunteer opportunities below. Each one will take less than four hours of your time, while making an important contribution to the Chapter. So choose one (or two!) and see for yourself how good it feels to get involved. Have an idea you don’t find on the list? We welcome new options for volunteering. In either case, just contact the Chapter office and let us know how you’d like to help. Thank you! office@ISPEBoston.org or 781-647-4773.

Volunteer Opportunities Requiring Less Than 4 Hours

Educational Programs

  • Assist at the registration desk during an educational program
  • Write a wrap-up blog post for a program (250-650 words)
  • Take photos at an educational program for posting on the blog
  • Return AV equipment and registration desk box to ISPE Office after a program
  • Attend the Educational Program Committee planning session


  • Write or curate a blog post (250-650 words)


  • Make phone calls to lapsed members to remind them to renew
  • Assist with an ISPE membership drive at your company (or another local company)
  • Greet nonmember attendees at an educational program

Product Show

  • Volunteer on the day of the Show – many different options are available.


  • Monitor “contest” hole at golf tournament
  • Pick-out decorations for a social event
  • Design an event flyer
  • Sell raffle tickets at an event to benefit charity

Young Professionals

  • Write a blog post of interest to YPs
  • Write a blog post about the rewards of mentorship

Geographic Outreach

  • Bring colleagues to a GO event at a location convenient for them

Student Development

  • Attend a Student Chapter event as an “ambassador” to the industry/society.
  • Judge the student poster competition
  • Attend the Student Career Workshop and help students with networking skills
  • Write a blog post about what you do so students have a better understanding of careers in your field.

7 thoughts on “Looking for a Win-Win? Volunteer for ISPE!

  1. Jan VAnselow

    Our membership committee is looking for volunteers. This is a great way to expand your network!

    1. ISPE Boston

      Thanks for asking! Yes, you do need to be an ISPE Member to volunteer. But we’ll let you check out a meeting or two first. We’re sure you’ll want to join our dynamic group.

  2. Chris Blackwell

    This is a great way to give the ISPE program a try. Whether you volunteer for 4 hours or 4 hours/month, the connections you make are priceless.

  3. Jack Campion

    Couldn’t agree more!! The opportunity to get involved…at a level and in a way that makes sense for you… is THE greatest benefit of ISPE membership!!

  4. howard sneider

    Every opportunity mentioned above has a lot of potential for gain and nothing to loose. Try something – if you don’t like it then finish what you’ve started and leave it at that. In doing even a small bit for the chapter you’ll make new connections, provide real benefit to the chapter, and (I’m almost certain) have fun in the process. If you do enjoy what you’ve done (I’m almost certain you will) there are plenty of more opportunities to make additional contributions. Remember, every chapter president started as a member.

  5. Mark Levanites

    Plenty of great opportunities to volunteer to assist ISPE. For anyone in the industry joining and being a part of ISPE is a no brainer in growing your network and advancing your career.


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