Boston Area and Delaware Valley Chapters Bet to Win

By | February 1, 2018

To make Sunday’s Super Bowl even more exciting, Boston Area Chapter President Jack Campion has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged Delaware Valley Chapter President Danielle Rebori to a friendly wager on the outcome:

  • Whereas, the Boston Area Chapter encompasses a preponderance of New England Patriots fans AND
  • Whereas, the Delaware Valley Chapter, in like manner, probably has at least a few Philadelphia Eagles fans,

WE, the officers and directors of the Boston Area Chapter, propose a small wager on the upcoming contest this Sunday. The gauntlet is thrown thus…

  1. The Chapter associated with the LOSING TEAM shall present to the Chapter associated with the WINNING TEAM, one 24-bottle case of PREMIUM CRAFT BEER from the loser’s geographic area (Boston proposes ) AND…

2. The current or immediate Past President of the WINNING TEAM shall present to the current or immediate Past President of the LOSING TEAM one (1) JERSEY of the WINNING TEAM. The recipient shall immediately don it and, with the GREATEST HUMILITY AND WITH THE GREATEST GUSTO, declare the SUPERIORITY of the WINNING TEAM (by name) over the LOSING TEAM (by name), and shall continue to wear the jersey for no less than 90 straight minutes in public.

3. Such presentations shall occur at a PUBLIC FORUM at the 2018 ISPE Annual Meeting.

We are happy to report that after prolonged deliberation and hand wringing, Danielle and the Delaware Valley Chapter have finally agreed to “happily & respectfully” accept Jack’s challenge. So there’s more on the line than a mere Super Bowl trophy on Sunday. Go Pats!

2 thoughts on “Boston Area and Delaware Valley Chapters Bet to Win

  1. Will Aja

    As a member of the ISPE DVC, I’m looking forward to attending the Annual Meeting!


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